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Voice Lessons

Voice lessons with Beth Ryan presents a classical, yet modern approach to teaching music, using proven and effective techniques, and encourages her students whether they are children or adults to give their self- expression vocally! A strong emphasis is placed on vocal techniques such as breath control, diction and tone production. Lessons are weekly, but a customized schedule can be arranged. Beth Ryan has prepared several students in the Huntsville/Madison area in voice to prepare for upcoming performances in Musical Theatre. 

Materials:  You are more than welcome to bring your own music or YouTube version of a song and we can work on that.  I have a lot of music. If you need music purchased, I can provide a 10% discount at the local music store.  You also can purchase from online sources, cheaply and quickly.

* There is a generous referral and review policy of receiving one free lesson off of your monthly tuition, after three months with the referral committing to taking lessons and one free lesson with a positive review. This is a one-time courtesy for a review. Can happen more than once for referral, just not in the same month.


There are NO registration fees.

Child Singing in studio
Adult singing in the Studio
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