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Studio Schedule:

August through August

Standard holidays are off, unless otherwise requested, and if I’m available.

Lessons will not be made up during my vacation time, as I am available during the school year.


Although some of you take your holidays off, you also know I have worked with you on holidays to ensure you/your child has a lesson or makeup.


Online video telecast lessons are now encouraged and available to be used for make-up.

Lesson tuition, payment, missed lessons, and recitals:


Private individual lessons are conducted on a weekly basis 30 or 45 minutes. Your monthly tuition will be calculated depending on the date you join the studio.


Tuition is based on a 12 month period and is paid monthly.  This studio is a private studio and is similar to a private school.  Tuition remains the same each month and is based on enrollment, and not attendance.  When you enroll and pay your tuition, you are reserving your child’s exclusive lesson time throughout the academic year, whether he/she attends lessons or not. There is not a separate fee for enrolling or registering. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to reschedule a student’s lesson if he/she has a conflict.  A student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. Your tuition reserves you or your child a weekly time slot and benefits within the studio. Please give 24 hours’ notice if possible when canceling a lesson. There are two allowable excused lessons per calendar year, which can be made up upon request in person, or online. There is a one- time recital charge of a 30 or 45-minute lesson if you want a recital. You do not have to have a recital.

Tuition payments are expected on the first day of the month of your lesson time. Check, cash, PayPal, and Zelle are acceptable payment methods. *Any credit card payments will have a 5% fee added.


Discontinuation of Lessons:


To discontinue lessons, you or the student must provide at least one month’s advance written notice.  If the student does not submit the required advance written notice, the student will be liable for one month’s worth of tuition, even if no lessons are provided during that month.

I reserve the right to discontinue lessons for any reason.  If I decide to terminate lessons, tuition will be prorated up to the last lesson and a refund will be provided, if applicable. The reasons for discontinuation are:

  • Persistent absences/tardiness

  • Excessive requests for scheduling changes

  • Lack of progress due to insufficient practice

  • Uncooperative attitude or general dislike of lessons

  • Consistently and repeatedly going over lesson time 

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