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From the beginning

I started teaching privately after parents approached me in the public school sector to teach their children. I began teaching out-of-my home in 2003 in Florida where I was living and working at-the-time, before my husband's job moved us to the Huntsville/Madison area in 2010. I started advertising on Thumbtack and Lessons in 2014, and have never looked back!

"I enjoy teaching and helping children and adults learn about the piano and voice."

It's been enlightening to teach people of all different backgrounds and learning styles.  With my teaching experience and training, I'm able to adapt the curriculum to many different types of learners and their particular needs.  I have several special needs children at the studio, and have several scientists as adult students!

If you would like to sign up for lessons or want more information, give me a call at

(850) 321-9794 or email me at

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