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Piano Lessons

Beth Ryan teaches a variety of styles and is happy to assist you to become the pianist you want to be.  Students will be taught the fundamentals of sight-reading, technique, theory, and even an appropriate selection based on the student’s level of skills to include music the student would like to learn into their lessons.  Beth presents a classical, yet modern approach to teaching Music, using proven and effective techniques, and encourages her students whether they are children or adults to give their self- expression to a piano! Lessons are weekly, but a customized schedule can be arranged. Students do not have to have a piano at home to take lessons, but it is encouraged so the student will be able to practice outside of lessons. Also, a simple full-size electronic keyboard will work as well.  

Piano playing in the studio

Materials: Books for students under 10 total = $13.64; Older than 10 and Adults, the book is $19.61 which includes my 10% teaching discount.  There are online options for music, and from time-to-time those teachers offer discounts and I’m able to pass that to you.


* There is a generous referral and review policy of receiving one free lesson off of your monthly tuition, after three months with the referral committing to taking lessons and one free lesson with a positive review. This is a one-time courtesy for a review. It can happen more than once for referral, just not in the same month.


There are NO registration fees.

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